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City Managers’ Association, Rajasthan is a registered society and membership fees based organization. All urban local bodies and development authorities and institutions working in the area of urban development are the institutional members of the association. Governing Board of the association which is called as ‘Executive Committee’ comprising of 35 people from various urban departments and ULBs across the state.

CMAR works for three main areas like: Advocacy, Networking with National and International agencies and Technical Assistance to all the members of the association.
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Additional Charge (15269,15281, 15296)_21.10.2016

APO Order (15260)_21.10.2016

Additional Charge (15250)_21.10.2016

Three Day workshop by DoPT sponsored program on Role of District Administration in Urban Development & Governance (15238)_21.10.2016

Additional Charge (15208, 15217)_19.10.2016

Cancellation Transfer Order of Clerical Staff (7882)_19.10.2016

Revised Meeting Notice (15163)_19.10.2016

Review Meeting on 21st to 23rd October (15095)_17.10.2016

Additional Charge (15134)_17.10.2016

Review Meeting on 20th October (15066)_14.10.2016

Capacity Building workshop under AMRUT by CED on 17th to 19th October (15046)_13.10.2016

Transfer Order of RMS Staff (14794)_11.10.2016

Transfer Order of RMS (Technical) Staff (4897)_10.10.2016

Transfer Order of RMS Staff (14636)_10.10.2016

Transfer Order of Health Inspector, Clerical Staff & Safai Karamchari (6908)_10.10.2016

Transfer Order Fireman (7510)_10.10.2016

Transfer Order Ministerial Staff (6445)_10.10.2016

Transfer Order Safai Karmchari (5785-6444)_10.10.2016

Typing Test for LDC Recruitment (394)_07.10.2016

Seniority List (14416)_05.10.2016

Revised Meeting Notice of CMAR 22nd Executive Committee (5606-5702)_05.10.2016

Transfer Order for RMS Officers (14092)_29.09.2016

CMAR 22nd Executive Commitee Meeting Notice

Salary Increment Certificate (14053,14068, 14075)_28.09.2016

Capacity Building under AMRUT by CED & IIHS (2273)_27.09.2016

Seniority List (13798)_27.09.2016

Promotion Order (13674)_21.09.2016

Fixation Order (13704)_21.09.2016

Capacity Building Workshop under AMRUT by CED (13757)_22.09.2016

Guidelines for Allotment of CA firm for Financial Year 2016-17 for Accounting and Auditing to ULBs_9752-58 dated 20_09_2016

Posting Order (13642)_16.09.2016

Capacity Building Workshop under AMRUT (2151)_16.09.2016

Advertisement Regarding Result for Recruitment 2016 (254)_16.09.2016

Meeting Notice for 19 September, 2016 (5310-5438)_09.09.2016

Capacity Building Workshop under AMRUT by CED (13554)_09.09.2016

Seniority List (13296)_07.09.2016

Workshop Cancellation Order (2016)_08.09.2016

Regarding National Workshop on Faecal Sludge and Septage Management (FSSM) at New Delhi (13240)_06.09.2016

Additional Charge (13187)_06.09.2016

Participate in workshop on 08th September, 2016 (13186, 13187)_06.09.2016

Additional Charge (13157)_01.09.2016

Affidavit for Promotion & Increment

Seniority List (12892)_30.08.2016

Additional Charge (12864)_26.08.2016

BID for HR Supply (DAY-NULM)

Additional Charge (12404)_26.08.2016

Seniority List (12415, 12623)_26.08.2016

Posting Order (12395)_24.08.2016

Additional Charge (12366, 12377,12386)_24.08.2016

Additional Charge (12346, 12355)_23.08.2016

Additional Charge (12306, 12316, 12326)_19.08.2016

22nd e-Newsletter of CMAR

Tiranga Yatra Rally (12008)_14.08.2016

Additional Charge (11998)_12.08.2016

Development and levelling of parking space for general parking with all facilities at road from NH-8 to Ganesh Tekri Nathdwara (Parking-I&II) (15358)_11.08.2016

Additional Charge (11982)_11.08.2016

Additional Charge (11944)_10.08.2016

Regarding Letter for matching information with Treasury about deduction from Pension Nidhi of ULBs (8355-8543)_08.08.2016

Additional Charge (11908)_08.08.2016

Inquiry (11919-925)_08.08.2016

Additional Charge (11897)_08.08.2016

Training Calendar for April to September

Additional Charge (11861)_05.08.2016

Exam Permission (11841)_05.08.2016

Additional Charge (11830)_04.08.2016

Additional Charge (11752, 11820)_02.08.2016

Inquiry (11802-809)_02.08.2016

Additional Charge (11810)_02.08.2016

Training Program on Effective urban Management & Capacity Building for improving existing service (11772-800)_02.08.2016

Additional Charge (11720, 11743)_28.07.2016

Minutes of the Meeting for discuss and finalize draft guidelines of Mukhyamantri Jal Swavlamban Abhiyan (MJSA) in urban areas of the State was held on dated 22 July, 2016 (18258-18331)_26.07.2016

Additional Charge (11709)_27.07.2016

Capacity Building Training on 28th July to 30th July by CED & 11th August to 13th August by IIHS (4357)_26.07.2016

Individual Capacity Building Programme For Conducting Training of ULBs functionaries and elected representative under AMRUT (11658)_26.07.2016

Effective urban management & capacity building for improving existing service (11635)26.07.2016

EoI for Selection or ROs under DAY-NULM

Review Meeting on 01st August (11610)_25.07.2016

Additional Charge & APO Order (11596)_25.07.2016

Additional Charge (11534)_21.07.2016

Seniority List (10788, 10820, 11075, 11301)_20.07.2016

Pay Fixation Order (10733)_18.07.2016

Additional Charge (10778)_18.07.2016

Nomination for Workshop on Strategic Basin Planning for Ganga River Basin in India at Lucknow (10727)_14.07.2016

Exam Permission (10636)_14.07.2016

Additional Charge (10386)_11.07.2016

Suspension Order (2446)_13.07.2016

Review Meeting Cancellation Order (10676)_14.07.2016

Additional Charge (10660)_14.07.2016

Revised Review Meeting on 12th July at Conference Hall DLB (10108)_08.07.2016

Review Meeting on 15 & 16 July (10132)_11.07.2016

Review Meeting on 12th July at Conference Hall, DLB (9995)_08.07.2016

Regarding Letter for matching information with Treasury about deduction from Pension Nidhi of ULBs (6492-6630)_06.07.2016

Additional Charge (9947,9956)_06.07.2016

APO Order (9937)_05.07.2016

Review Meeting on 08th July at Conference Hall, DLB (9826)_05.07.2016

Promotion Order (9850)_05.07.2016

Retirement Order (9882)_05.07.2016

Exam Approval (9858_05.07.2016

21st e-Newsletter of CMAR

Posting (9816)_04.07.2016

Additional Charge (9797, 9807)_04.07.2016

Order for Urban Cess (5733)_01.07.2016

Additional Charge (9787)_01.07.2016

Urgent Instruction regarding confirmation of J.En. (3194-3381)_28.06.2016

Promotion Order (9756)_28.06.2016

Fixation Order (9764)_28.06.2016

APO Order (9748)_27.06.2016

Two Day Training/Workshop on Urban Environment Management (2911)_16.06.2016

Additional Charge (9738)_22.06.2016

Capacity Building Training by IIHS (2982)_17.06.2016

Administrative Sanction & Financial Sanction form SmartCity (11179)_15.06.2016

Provisional seniority of Jr.En. ULB (2385)_15.06.2016

One Training Programm on Leadership Effectiveness and Change Management (9689)_15.06.2016

Regarding World Yog day on 21 June, 2016 (9496-9686)_15.06.2016

Additional Charge (9468, 9483)_10.06.2016

Advertisement Regarding Document Verification for the post of fireman (1659)_09.06.2016

Letter for Co-Operation with CA Firms (4344-4532)_06.03.2016

19th & 20th e-Newsletter of CMAR

Additional Charge (9452)_06.06.2016

Capacity Building Workshop (9299)_03.06.2016

Additional Charge (9284)_02.06.2016

Additional Charge (9205)_01.06.2016

Advertisement Regarding Result of driver fire cum fire operator(552)_31.05.2016

Result of Helth Officer

Regarding Utilization for 14 & 5 Finance Commission

Nomination for OTS training (1775, 1843)_26.05.2016

Additional Charge (9174)_27.05.2016

Advertisement Regarding Result of TPA & Senior Draftsman (1473)_26.05.2016

Information for pension fund budget head 8011-106-02 (3096-3282)_23.05.2016

Nomination for Training (9135)_24.05.2016

Nomination for exposure visit under AMRUT (8884-90)_20.05.2016

Capacity Building Workshop under AMRUT by IIHS (1663)_18.05.2016

Fixation (9059)_18.05.2016

Additional Charge (9040, 9048)_18.05.2016

Additional Charge (9030)_17.05.2016

attendance (9023, 9024)_17.05.2016

Additional Charge (9012)_17.05.2016

Permission for attend the exam (8979)_12.05.2016

Directions (8718-906)_11.05.2016

Additional Charge (8916)_12.05.2016

Workshop on Smart City Conclave & Building Smart & Sustainable Cities on 21st May, 2016 (8927)_12.05.2016

Fixation Order (8629)_10.05.2016

Revised Review Meeting on 21st May (8691)_10.05.2016

Review Meeting on 21st May (8609)_10.05.2016

Fixation Order (8565)_10.05.2016

Additional Charge (8555)_10.05.2016

Review Meeting on 12th May (8516)_10.05.2016

Advertisement Regarding Answer Key for the various post (1336)_06.05.2016

Additional Charge ((8506)_06.05.2016

Retirement Order (8239)_05.05.2016

Transfer of revenue in proper revenue head (2005-07)_04.05.2016

Posting (8098, 8117)_02.05.2016

Additional Charge (8107)_02.05.2016

Additional Charge (8080)_29.04.2016

Exam Supervisor Duty on 30th April (7882)_29.04.2016

Amendments in Model Rajasthan Building Byelaws, 2013_28.04.2016

Revised Review Meeting Order on 29th April (7871)_28.04.2016

Promotion Order (7838, 7849)_27.04.2016

Clarification (7834-37)_27.04.2016

Fixation (7756)_26.04.2016

Review Meeting on 29th April (7724)_26.04.2016

Attend the Exam (7709)_25.04.2016

Revised Advertisement (1246)_22.04.2016

Revised Exam Supervisor Duty on 23rd & 24th April (7677)_22.04.2016

Revised Meeting Order (7611)_21.04.2016

Exam Supervisor Duty on 23rd & 24th April (7398)_21.04.2016...

Fixation (7606)_21.04.2016

Capacity Building Workshop under AMRUT by IIHS & CED (1367)_20.04.2016

Order related to increase in Green cover in urban areas (215-223)_20.04.2016

Capacity Building Workshop under AMRUT for Commissioners & Sr. Account Officers by CED from 25th to 30th April, 2016 (7325, 7354)_20.04.2016

Attend the Exam (7154)_12.04.2016

Revised Exam Supervisor Duty on 16th & 17th April (7284)_13.04.2016

Revised Exam Supervisor Duty on 16th & 17th April (7255)_13.04.2016

APO Order (7275)_13.04.2016

Fixation Order (7167)_13.04.2016

Exam Supervisor Duty on 16th & 17th April (6941)_12.04.2016

Additional Charge (6931)_11.04.2016

Advertisement regarding objections against question paper & answer key of Town Planning Assistant and Assistant Fire Officer (1218)_11.04.2016

Review Meeting Dated 11 May, 2016 Postponed (6904)_11.04.2016

Seniority List (6460, 6670)_07.04.2016

Revised Exam Supervisor Duty on 09th & 10th April (6447)_07.04.2016

Capacity Building Faculy Workshop by CED under AMRUT Project on 11th & 12th April, 2016 (6413)_17.04.2016

Revised Exam Supervisor Duty on 09th & 10th April (5935)_07.04.2016

Enquiry (5928-34)_07.04.2016

Seniority List (5117, 5317, 5526, 5728, 5951, 5961, 6171, 6186, 6199, 6212)_07.04.2016

Posting (5108)_07.04.2016

18th e-Newsletter of CMAR

Posting (5096)_06.04.2016

Exam Supervisor Duty on 09th & 10th April (4879)_06.04.2016

Additional Charge (4870)_06.04.2016

DDR wise meeting on 21st & 22nd April, 2016 (4852)_05.04.2016

Review Meeting on 11th April, 2016 (4807)_05.04.2016

Guideline for Performance Grant - Submission of CA Audit Report for the Financial 2013-14 & 2014-15 Within Timelines (4975)_31.03.2016

Additional Charge (4791)_01.04.2016

Revised Exam Supervisor Duty on 02nd & 3rd April (4767)_31.03.2016

Additional Charge (4782)_31.03.2016

Exam Supervisor Duty on 02nd & 3rd April (4482)_29.03.2016

Advertisement Regarding the publication of answer keys of various exams conducted (908)_22.03.2016

Order Regarding Single Window Clearance Scheme (133)_22.03.2016

Order Regarding increase in Green Cover in Urban areas and Development of Park & Open Space (123)_22.03.2016

Revised Exam Supervisor Duty on 26th & 27th March (4441)_22.03.2016

PL Rejected (4412-16)_21.03.2016

Exam Supervisor Duty on 26th & 27th March (4114)_21.03.2016

Revised Exam Supervisor Duty on 19th & 20th March (3885)_18.03.2016

Exam Supervisor Duty on 19th & 20th March (3480)_14.03.2016

Revised Review Meeting on 18th March, 2016 (3842)_16.03.2016

Review Meeting on 18th March, 2016 (3804)_15.03.2016

Regarding Service Book (3285-92)_14.03.2016

Review Meeting on 12th March, 2016 (3258)_11.03.2016

Exam Supervisor Duty (3051)_11.03.2016

Exam Supervisor Duty Corrected (2831)_10.03.2016

Relaxation in Lease Money (2903)_09.03.2016

Exam supervisor Duty (2531)_08.03.2016

APO (2504)_03.03.2016

Regarding Clarification (2516-21)_04.03.2016

APO Order (2460)_03.03.2016

Change in Exam Supervisor Duty (2470)_03.03.2016

17th e-Newsletter of CMAR

APO order (2450)_02.03.2016

Additional Charge(2430, 2442)_02.03.2016

Review Meeting on 03rd March, 2016 (2388)_02.03.2016

Guide Line for Division wise empanelment of Chartered Accountant Firms (21405)_01.03.2016

Exam supervisor information (2056)_01.03.2016

Fixation (1998)_29.02.2016

Promotion Order (1929)_19.02.2016

Executive Officer & Revenue Officer Training (1837)_18.02.2016

Fixation Order (1794)_18.02.2016

Additional Charge (1786)_17.02.2016

Providing Division Wise Service of Audit of Annual Accounts to Urban Local Bodies of Rajasthan

Providing Division Wise Service of Accounting to Urban Local Bodies of Rajasthan

formats for accounts as per RMAM

Audit Report Format

Minutes of the meeting dated 29th January regarding guidelines and template for constructed toilet photo uploading under SBM 2015-16 (3854)_10.02.2016

List of Empanelled Chartered Accountant Firms for Accounting and Audit of ULBs of Rajasthan

Directions to DDR and ULBs for empanelment of Chartered Accountant Firms for Accounting and Auditing Services to ULBs of Rajasthan

Retirement Order (1524)_15.02.2016

Regarding One Day Workshop on 19th February, 2016 (1449)_10.02.2016

Reporting Format & Questionnaires for SLB 2016-17

Meeting postponed of 11th February, 2016 (1412)_09.02.2016

Ajmer Meeting on 11 February, 2016 (1352)_08.02.2016

Date Extension of Recruitment (471, 472, 473)_03.02.2016

promotion order dated_28.01.2016

Promotion order (1082)_28.01.2016

Kota Division Meeting on 03rd February, 2016 (1137)_28.01.2016

Meeting Postpond of 29th & 30th January,2015 (827)_28.01.2016

Revised Meeting order (624)_27.01.2015

Thematic Cleanliness Drive from 01st February to 15th February, 2016 (2759-2947)_22.01.2016

Scheme of Examinations

16th News Letter of CMAR

Promotion Order(494,508,524,536)_22.01.2016

Attend Exam (480)_22.01.2016

Amendment (395)_22.01.2016

Amendment (394)_22.01.2016

Amendment (393)_22.01.2016

Meeting on 31st January, 2016 (416)_19.01.2016

Meeting on 29th to 30th January 2016 (213)_19.01.2016

Additional Charge (193, 203)_18.01.2016

RMS Association_12.01.2016

Leave Sanction (122,130,137)_12.01.2016

Revised Advertisement (314)_12.01.2016

Leave Sanction (63, 70)_08.01.2016

Order regarding jurisdiction of Ajmer Development Authority & Municipal Council Kishangarh & Municipal Board Pushkar (2854)_11.01.2016

Notice of CCA Rules 17_07.01.2016

Additional Charge (42)_04.01.2016

Minutes of 11th meeting of state level empowered committee (SLEC) (1069)_05.01.2016

Additional Charge (27)_04.01.2016

Additional Charge (01, 09)_04.01.2016

Recruitment Link Information (2012)_31.12.2015

Meeitng Notice (7906)_29.12.2015

Promotion Order (13363)_31.12.2015

Syllabus for Various Posts

Subordinate & Ministerial Service (2011)_30.12.2015

Subordinate & Ministerial Service (2010)_30.12.2015

Rajasthan Municipal (Administrative & Technical) and Subordinate & Ministerial Service (2009)_30.12.2015

Withdraw Jr. Accountant, LDC & UDC (181-183)29.12.2015

Advertisement Regarding Recruitment (184, 185, 186)_29.12.2015.

Regarding the approval on purchase of dustbins for ULBs (3930-4120)_21.12.2015

Notification for the release of GoI fund under smart cities fund 800.00 lakh to RUIFDCO for preparing proposals of Jaipur, Ajmer, Udaipur & Kota coming under smart city mission (14695)_21.12.2015

Notification regarding the rebate in house tax & UD tax under municipal act 2009, section 107 (4) (15525)_23.12.2015

Bikaner Division Meeting (13181)_29.12.2015

Meeting postponed order (13152)_23.12.2015

Minutes of 3rd meeting of state level high powered committee (31103)_04.12.2015

Review meeting for Kota, Jodhpur & Jaipur commissioners under Swachh Bharat Mission on 22nd December at 11AM in DLB conference hall (30025-30027)_18.12.2015

Directions for the proper implementation of SWM under SBM in state (29563-29751)_18.12.2015

Directions to copy all the notices & orders etc. to CMAR in order to upload on website (2083)_14.12.2015

Format of Annual Accounts

Training Order (8229)_18.12.2015

Meeting Notice (13118)_18.12.2015

Land Allotment for Municipal Council Kishangarh under Land Allotment Policy 2015 (296)_17.12.2015

APO Order (13089)_14.12.2015

14th-15th News Letter of CMAR

SWM Workshop is held on 10.12.2015 at Seetapura jaipur

APO Order (13052)_04.12.2015

SBM Order no. 26576 Dated 02.12.2015

Manual Scavengers and Rehabilitation Meeting Notice dated 04.12.2015 at 12 PM Conference hall, DLB Jaipur, Raj.

Particiapte in Ceremony (12823-13010)_02.12.2015

Charges of Building completion Certificate 02.12.2015

APO Order (12811)_01.12.2015

Registration for Municipalika (12415-602)_01.12.2015

Retirement Order (12372)_30.11.2015

Additional Charge (1280)_01.12.2015

Service Book (12603-609)_01.12.2015

Meeting Notice 3rd State Level High Powered committee (HPC) meeting is scheduled be held on dated 30.11.2015 at 11.30 AM...

Special Cleanliness Drive for SBM dated 01.12.2015 to 15.12.2015

Posting (12205)_16.11.2015

Additional Charge (12185, 12197)_10.11.2015

Order regarding participation in Sustainable Habitat & Smart Cities under municipalika to be held on 09 to 10 December, 2015

Regarding clarification IHHL, CTPT, Solid waste & thematic cleanliness drive for the effective implementation of SBM in State (27652-27691)_28.10.2015

Regarding the clarification of doubts under SBM 2014-15 involving SHGs contractors for IHHL construction (27312-27510)_20.10.2015

Regarding the effective implementation of SBM 2014-15 as per the directions of Hon'ble Chief Minister in 08 & 09 October 2015 orientation workshop (26537-26725)_20.10.2015

Meeting minutes of Performance Grant & Accrual based double entry accounting system meeting held on 11 sept. in DLB conference hall, jaipur (9545)_01.10.2015

Order regarding the analysis of annual progress of SBM 2014-15 in state completion of one year (21984-21986)_01.10.2015

Draft Human Research Development Plan for Urban Governance in Rajasthan (October 2015)

Meeting Minutes of CMAR's 21st Executive Committee

Retirement Information (11786-92)_04.11.2015

APO Order (11773)_29.10.2015

Retirement Order (11718)_28.10.2015

Order regarding changes in building by-laws as per CMJAY_26.10.2015

Meeting (11534, 11573, 11643, 11613)_27.10.2015

Additional Charge (11523, 11490)_23.10.2015

State Level Orientation Workshop under SBM on 27th October to 04th October, 2015

Revised Nagaur & Alwar Visit (14443)_19.10.2015

Additional Charge (11476)_19.10.2015

Additional Charge (11423, 11434)_19.10.2015

Nagaur & Alwar Visit (11387)_16.10.2015

Additional Charge (11375)_16.10.2015

Meeting minutes of familiarization workshop is held on 08 & 09 October, 2015 at IGPRS

Additional Charge (10520)_14.10.2015

Seniority List (10539-45)_14.10.2015

Transfer Order (10474)_14.10.2015

Citizen service centre under SBM for online application of IHHL (22045-22233)_05.10.2015

LED Project Meeting on 15 October (24552)_05.10.2015

Visit (10435)_12.10.2015

APO & Additional Charge (10426)_12.10.2015

Cancelation Transfer Order (10367)_08.10.2015

Meeting Notice for Housing for All_05.10.2015

Transfer Order (10253-10294)_06.10.2015

Transfer Order (16573-16626)_06.10.2015

Fixation Information (10055-61)_06.10.2015

Regarding Service Book (9664-70)_05.10.2015

Meeting Information (9626)_05.10.2015

Additional Charge (9597)_01.10.2015

APO (9606)_01.10.2015

Draft State Sewerage and Waste Water Policy

Seniority List (9554)_29.09.2015

Additional Charge (9538)_28.09.2015

Exemption from Zoning Regulations and land conversion for IT Parks & IT Campuses

Meeting on 28.09.2015

Regarding Building permission/regularization of Building (3530)_07.09.2015

Design construction operation and maintenance of processing facility under the guidelines of Swachh Bharat Mission SBM the Ministry of Urban Development MoUD for implementation of Municipal Solid Waste Management and Handling Rules 2000 (19541-19554)_15.09.2015

Additional Charge (9477)_15.09.2015

Regarding closing of slaughter house and meat shops (9868-10088, 10581-10806)_09.09.2015

Order to share the factual report within 3 working days on the points as mentioned in letter Lokayukt (18580-18768)_11.09.2015

Additional Charge (9448)_11.09.2015

Additional Charge (9430, 9439)_10.09.2015

Resign Order of Dr. Rahil Khan (9422)_10.09.2015

APO Order (9414)_10.09.2015

APO (9405)_10.09.2015

For immediate compliance of Transfer order(5138)_07.09.2015

Additional Charge (9367, 9382)_04.09.2015

SmartRaj call centre direction (6162-6350)_23.08.2015

Notice Inviting Bids (NIB) for rate contract for procurement of goods (22741)_27.08.2015

Direction regarding 14th Finance Commission (6872)_28.08.2015

Additional Charge (9283)_21.08.2015

Additional Charge (9274)_21.08.2015


Meeting Minutes of State Level Orientation of NGO under SBM (2776)_18.08.2015

Retirement (9010)_19.08.2015

Seniority List (9033, 9065)_19.08.2015

Amendment in Rajasthan Township Policy 2010_12.08.2015

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) along with solutions for the effective implementation of SBM in State(17444-17632)_10.08.2015

Additional Charge(8898)_13.08.2015


Show Cause Notice(5474,5471,5467,5464,5461,5458,5455)_13.08.2015

Seniority List(8582,8598,8648,8732)_07.08.2015

Additional Charge(8989)_12.08.2015

Show Cause Notice(5421, 5425, 5427)_12.08.2015

Show Cause Notiece_11.08.2015

Promotion Order(8980)_11.08.2015

Regarding Service Book(8785-8972)_10.08.2015

Meeting Notice for Implementation of Municipal Solid Waste Management-2015 Under SBM in Rajasthan (17388)_07.08.2015

Inquiry (8363-8369)_04.08.2015

Retirement Information (8156-71)_03.08.2015

Circular (1596-1784)_20.07.2015

Kota Meeting Minutes (20423)_29.07.2015

Additional Charge (8154)_29.07.2015

Effective Implementation of SBM (20666)_30.07.2015

Revised Meeting Notice_29.07.2015

Additional Charge(7929) _28.07.2015

Seniority List (7937)_28.07.2015

Additional Charge (7917)_ 28.07.2015

Meeting is scheduled be held under the chairmanship of Hon'ble Minister, LSG on Dated 31.07.2015 at 11.30 AM to Nagar Nigam Sabhagar, Kota

APO (7892)_24.07.2015

Rebate in due Lease and Interest (4620)_24.07.2015

Revised Transfer List (5932)_24.07.2015

Resource material Question Bank from GoI for conducting Quiz in Government & Nongovernment School Colleges under SBM

Additional Charge (6755)_23.07.2015

Rajasthan Municipalities (Amendment) Ordinance, 2015

Quiz Competitions at Schools and College during week 15-22.7.15.

DLB Group Meeting (6034-42)_17.07.2015

Seniority List (6509, 6528)_17.07.2015

Inquiry (6314-20)_17.07.2015

Meeting Notice on 20.07.2015 at 11.30AM at Divisional Commissioner Office, Bikaner

Meeting Notice on 17.07.2015 at 12.00 Noon at Conference Hall Swayat Sashan Bhawan (DLB)

Pre Bid Meeting Notice for Design, construction, operation and maintenance of processing facility under the guidelines of Swachh Bharat Mission(19523)_15.07.2015

Additional Charge_15.07.2015

Vigaypti (4693)_14.07.2015

Cadre Strenght (6062)_10.07.2015

Model Raj Building Bye-laws-2013 for 1st class cities_03.06.2013

Joining Order_09.07.2015

Compliance of SME Transfer (5221)_09.07.2015

Swachh Bharat Mission IEC Hoardings

Meeting Notice on Dated 10.07.2015 at 11.30 AM at Divisional Commissioner Office, Kota

Minutes of 2nd Meeting of State Level High Powered Committee (HPC) Held on 16.06.2015

Joining Order (5615-5802)_07.07.2015

Revised Transfer Order (5135, 5199)_02&06.07.2015

Minutes of Meeting Chaired by Principal Secretary for Review & Proper Implementation of SBM in state till 01.07.2015

Sarkaar Aapke Dwar in Kota Division (5913-44)_03.07.2015

RFP for Solid Waste Processing_02.07.2015

Joining Order (5104-5291)_02.07.2015

Promotion Order (3744, 3752, 3761, 3794, 3813)_29.06.2015

RMS (Technical) Transfer (4337)_30.06.2015

Joining Order (4907-5094)_01.07.2015

Transfer List (5073-5133, 5003)_30.06.2015

Transfer List_30.06.2015

Transfer List_30.06.2015

Transfer List_29.06.2015

SME Transfer list 29.06.2015

RMS Officer Transfer List 29.06.2015

RMS (Technical) Transfer list_29.06.2015

Ward reservation lottery_24.06.2015

Sh. Shyam Singh Meena, Joint Director (Plan) appointed as state nodal officer for the proper implimentation of MoU signed between NACO, Health Department & MHUPA at state level_19.06.2015

Seniority List_18.06.2015

Municipal Election Lottery_18.06.2015

Seniority List of Assistant Engineer_11.06.2015

Seniority List of Executive Engineer_11.06.2015

Additional Charge_16.06.2015

Directions to Organize essay, poster, slogan writing compititions in conveyance with education depaartment under IEC head of SBM_12.06.2015

Directions for proper implimentation of SBM_12.06.2015

Seniortiy List_12.06.2015

Additional Charge_12.06.2015

Meeting Notice State Level High Powered committee (HPC) meeting is scheduled be held on dated 16.06.2015 at 11.30 AM

1st Installment of Released under Swachh Bharat Mission to all ULBs for the year 2015-16_09.06.2015

Promotion Order_09.06.2015

Additional Charge_09.06.2015

Regarding Budget Estimate for 2015-16_05.06.2015

Additional Charge_01.06.2015

Joining Order_29.05.2015

Additional Charge_29.05.2015

Invitation for Online Technical and Financial Bids in Single Stage two envlops for CBMWTF & Minutes of Pre Bid Meeting_22.05.2015

Online Technical & Financial Bids for Establishment & O&M of CBMWTF on DBOOT users_22.05.2015

Transfer List of RMS Technical Staff_22.05.2015

Transfer List_22.05.2015

Notification for Commissioner & Dy. Commissioner_19.05.2015

Meeting Minutes of RFP on Soild Waste Management under SBM_13.05.2015

Regarding permission of additional activity in Highway Corridor Scheme_06.05.2015


Seniortiy List_16.05.2015

Press release of Award Distribution Ceremony & Review Meeting Dated 11 May, 2015

Additional Charge_12.05.2015

Minutes of 4th State Level orientation workshop on SBM Portal with DDR Bikaner_29.04.2015

Minutes of 3rd State Level orientation workshop on SBM Portal with DDR Kota & Udaipur_28.04.2015

Provisional Seniority List of Ex.En Civil_07.05.2015

Privisonal Seniority List of A.En. Civil_ 07.05.2015

Regarding non Purchasing of new sodium lights & tubelights fitting in future in order to save energy through LED with reference to EESL MoU with Department_30.04.2015

Update of physical progress on construction of IHHL, community toilet, public toilet etc under Swachh Bharat Mission 2015-16_30.04.2015

RFP for Development of Integrated Township Projects on PPP Model

RFP for Bicycle Mobility Services

Swachh Bharat Mission update with reference to VC held by MoUD, GoI on 23.04.2015 with District Collector

Additional Charge_30.04.2015

Pre Bid Calrifications for the RFP for Selection of SIP for SmartRaj Project in ULB of Rajasthan_13.04.2015

Guidelines for Implementatino of Swachh Bharat Mission (SBM) 2014-19 in ULBs

Minutes of 2nd State Level orientation workshop on SBM Portal with DDR Bharatpur & Jodhpur_21.04.2015

Minutes of 1st State Level orientation workshop on SBM Portal with DDR Jaipur & Ajmer_20.04.2015

Corrigendum SmartRaj_31.03.2015

Seniority List_20.04.2015

ULB area and the citizens of Public Importance to the settlement of the daily work abhiyan on 01 May to 30 June, 2015_17.04.2015

Seniority List_15.04.2015

Provisional Seniority List of technical Staff_13.04.2015

Stationary, Photo Copy & Office Cleanliness BID_31.03.2015

Seniority List_07.04.2015


Sustainable Order of EOs and ROs_07.04.15

NIB II For SmartRaj

relaxation of interest in lease

Additional Charge_06.04.2015

Notice Inviting (RFP) for Project Management Unit Consultancy Service SBM-2014

Additional Charge_26.03.2015

Instructions for Confirmation of Junior Engineers_25.03.2015

Notice Inviting Request for Proposal (RFP) ISWM Corrigendum 2_21.03.2015

Provisional Seniority List of the post Executive Engineer (Year 2012, 2013, 2014)_23.03.2015

Additional Charge_20.03.2015

Meeting, Telephone, Stationary & Vehicle allownce for elected members_06.02.2015

Meeting Notice of 1st State Level High Powered Commitee on 20.03.2015

Letter for Addendum -2 & Adhisuchna 2015_11.03.2015

Notification for User Charges_11.03.2015

APO Order_12.03.2015

Additional Charge_11.03.2015

Corrigendum SmartRaj

BID for DLB_24.02.2015

Implementation of Swachh Bharat Mission (SBM) 2014-19

Amendment in Rajasthan Municipalities (Purchase of Material and Contracts) Rules, 1974

Seniority List_09.03.2015

Request for Proposal (RFP) for consultancy services for online survey of street vendors and preparation of street vending plan for Jodhpur, Kota and Bikaner Cities_09.03.2015

SBM NIT revised 02.03.2015

EOI for Bicycle Mobility Services_28.01.2015

Seniority List_03.03.2015

Special Cleanliness Drive Under Swacch Bharat Mission from dated 9th March To 27th March

EOI for the selection of ROs under NULM_12.02.2015

Trasfer Seat_24.02.2015

Selection of System Implementation Partner (SIP) For “SmartRaj” Project in ULBs of Rajasthan

SBM Committee Order_12.02.2015

NULM Application Form

Provisional Seniority List of Assistant Engineer Post_06.02.2015

APO Order_12.05.2015

Corrigendum & addendum for street vender survey in NULM city expect, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Kota & Bikane_09.02.2015

Minutes of pre bid meeting, clarification, corrigendum & addendum for street vender survey in Jaipur, Jodhpur, Kota & Bikaner_09.02.2015

SLB Reporting Format 2015-16

SLB Handbook 2015-16

Service Level Benchmarking Questionnaire 2015-16

Additional Charge_06.02.2015

A.En Conformation order(650)_27.01.2015

Ex.En Conformation order(554)_27.01.2015

Slaughter DPR cancellation 22.01.2015

Request for Proposal (RFP) for Integrated Solid Waste Management on VGF basis under SBM-14

RAY-Capacity Building-Exposure Visit to Kerla on 27 to 30 January (RMS-DLB-07-223)_16.01.2015

Consultative Workshop on Urban Governance (R.M.S.-D.L.B.-07-123)_13.01.2015

Attendance Sheet & Minutes of Pre bid Meeting & Clarification_09.01.2015

Schedule of powers for further smooth discharge of functions and powers prescribed under Rajasthan Municipalities (Purchase of Materials and Contracts) Rules, 1974_Rules/DLB/15/445_08.01.2015

Additional Charge_08.1.2015

Application are invited for the Post of HRD Specialist

Notice Inviting Request for Proposal (RFP) online survey of street vendors and preparation of street vending plan SPPP

Notice Inviting Request for Proposal for Establishment of modern slaughter houses

Notice Inviting Request for Proposal (RFP) online survey of street vendors and preparation of street vending plan Eproc

Metting Minutes of Pre-Bid Meeting dated 29.12.2014

Expression of interest for Empanelment of Consultants_02.01.2015


Transfer Order_30.12.2014

Notice Regarding NIB No. 26490_19.12.2014

Additional Charge_29.12.2014

Video Conferencing Swachh Bharat Mission_26.12.2014

Appointment of Fireman_22.12.2014


Seniority List_17.12.2014

Promotion Order_16.12.2014

Seniority List_16.12.2014


Invitation Letter and Minute to Minute Programme of Familiarization workshop of newly elected ChairpersonsDy. Chairpersons of ULBs and Concerned Municipal Officers of Rajasthan on 19-20 December 2014 at HCM RIPA

Additional Charge_10.12.2014


Circular under NULM Scheme for BPL_04.12.2014

Notification Regarding New 4th class ULB_04.12.2014

Additional Charge_04.12.2014

Familiarization workshop of newly elected Chairpersons & Dy. Chairpersons of Urban Local Bodies and Concerned Municipal Officers of Rajasthan on 19-20 December 2014

Notification for fly ash_01.12.2014

Clean Rajasthan Week_03.12.2014

Advertisement for the post of contract basis recruitment

Plastic waste management _26.11.2014

Clean India Mission Guidelines_25.11.2014

EOI for empanelment for Resource organization under NULM_27.11.2014


Trasfer Order_18.11.2014

Additional Charge_17.11.2014

Plastic waste management order_13.11.2014

Additional Charge_13.11.2014

Additional Charge_12.11.2014


Additional Charge_30.10.2014

Transfer orders of Subordinate Staff Dated 27-10-14

Retirement Order_27.10.2014

Transfer list technical staff dt. 22.10.2014

RMS transfer list dt. 22.10.2014

Door to Door Garbage Collection_22.10.2014

Transffar order for subordinate_21.10.2014

Postponed EOI for empanelment for Resource organization under NULM_14.10.2014

Guideline related additional charges order_13.10.2014

Transfer list of EO.ROs in ULB11.10.14

Nominated Member of ULBs_10.10.2014

Legal Advisor Nomination_10.10.2014

19th Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

Transfer Order_07.10.2014

Order Related to Street Light Road Repair and other Maintenance_07.10.2014

Additional Charge_01.10.2014

Additional Charge of EO_30.09.2014

Additional Charge_27.09.2014

Annexure C of EoI for Empanlment for ROs

EOI for empanelment for Resource organization under NULM

Guidline for Swachh Bharat Abhiyan_27.09.2014

Office order for payment of LA in ulbs_26.09.2014

Nominate member for ULBs_26.09.2014

Clean India Week campaign_26.09.2014

Clean India Week_11.09.2014

Executive Officer Revenue officer Tax Assessor Transfer List (6456)_22.09.2014


Additional Charge_08.09.2014


Special Area Performance Grant for 2013-14

Chungi Anudan 2nd installment Nagar Nigam 2014-15

Chungi Anudan 2nd installment 178 ULBs 2014-15

Nominated Member of ULB

Direction for Sarkaar Aapke Dwar Udaipur Division_08.08.2014

Transfer Order_08.08.2014

Transfer Order_07.08.2014

Transfer Order_05.08.2014

Transfer Order_05.08.2014

Posting Order_01.08.2014

First Installment Special Area Basic grant yera 2014-15

13FC year 2014-15 frist installment of Gen. Basic Grant Nagar Nigam

13FC Sanction of Grant 2014-15 for Ulb 178

Revised Order_25.07.2014

Additional Charge_24.07.2014

Promotion Order_22.07.2014

Appointment Order of Health Officer_18.07.2014

PSKS Instraction 2014

Information of DOB_10.07.2014

Office Order CDP.CSP.SWM_09.07.2014

Transfer Order_09.07.2014

Full Charge_08.07.2014

Achal Sampatti Ki Suchna_25.06.2014

Financial Power of EO_03.07.2014




Personal Retirement_27.06.2014

Additional Charge_24.06.2014


EO Transfer_23.06.2014


Transfer Order_18.06.2014

Sarkar Aapke Dwar CM Visit of Bikaner Division_16.06.2014

APO of JEn_1306.2014

EO Transfer_17.06.2014

Transfer order_14.06.2013.pdf




Charge of Executive Officer_12.06.2014.pdf

Additional Charge of Executive Officer_10.06.2014

Appointment as CEO-Commission Worked-Working_10.06.2014

Additional Charge of EO_05.06.2014

EO Order_22.05.2014

Transfer Order of EO_21.05.2014

Additional Charge for EO (2298)_21.05.2014

Present of EO (2287)_21.05.2014

Leave of EO (2292)_21.05.2014

EO Transfer_19.05.2014

Medical of Health Officer (2273-85)_20.05.2014

Fireman Order List (348)_19.05.2014

Posting of PO and DPO with staff(807) _2014

Transfer Order_15.05.2014

Posting of PO and DPO with staff_2014

Transfer Order of CFO_15.05.2014

Pre-monsoon preparations & arrangements for flood safety_14.05.2014

Office order regarding the vehical_01.05.2014

Orders regarding joining of under transfer employee and officers_01.05.2014

RO TA Training_16.04.2014

Grant for 2nd Installment Forth SFC year 2013-14

13th FC General Performance Grant 2nd installment for Nagar Nigam Year 2013-14

13th FC General Performance Grant 2nd installment for ULBs Year 2013-14

Grant for Public Street Light (Urban Cess)_21.03.2014

Coordinator and Deputy coordinator appointed for the training of EO RO and TA_21.03.2014

Newly Appointed Executive Officer(iv) ROs Tax Asseser Training order...13.03.14

Technical Staff transfer order list(685)_03.03.2014

Transfer Order(515)_03.03.2014

Additional Charge (1454)_04.03.2014

2nd installment for Special Area basic Grant 2013_14.

second installment of general basic grant 2013-14

Newly Appointed Executive Officer(iv) Training order_25.02.2014

Survey of manual scavengers and insanitary latrines in ulb..21.02.2014

Document verification of Health Officer_18.02.14

Newly Appointed Executive Officer Revenue Officer Tax Assessor Training Cancel Order _ 14.02.2014

Fireman Appointment List_07.02.2014

PSKS progress report order_04.02.2014


Newly Appointed Executive Officer Revenue Officer Tax Assessor Training Cancel Order _ 30.01.2014

Operation and maintenance of shelter (Rain Basera)_20.01.2014

SLB Handbook (Internet) 2014-15


Service Level Benchmarking Questionnaire 2014-15

Executive Officer Revenue Officer Tax Assesor Posting List_11.12.2013

Executive Officer Revenue Officer Pay Scale_11.12.2013

SPPP Information

RMS officers retirement list_28.10.2013

The Prohibition of Employment as manual scavengers and their Rehabilitation Act, 2013

CMAR General Body Meeting_28.09.2013

Reliving order of EO RO TA

Revised Grade Pay Order_03.10.2013

EO Posting (7950-8134)_01.01.2013

Junior Engineer Electrical Diploma Holder (1492)_23.09.13

Junior Engineer Electrical Degree Holder (1432)_23.09.13

Junior Engineer Mechanical Diploma Holder (1374)_23.09.13

Junior Engineer Mechanical Degree Holder (1311)_23.09.13

Junior Engineer Civil Diploma Holder (1057)_23.09.13

Junior Engineer Civil Degree Holder (801)_23.09.13

Appointment order of Executive Officer - IV_28.09.2013

Appointment order of Tax Assessor_28.09.2013

Appointment order of Revenue Officer_28.09.2013

Regarding disposal of application received up to the date 30.09.2013 and rebate guidelines in respect of PSKS 2012-13

PSKS Order_23.09.2013

Press Note........... Information for present original documents at 28-09-2013 for all successful candidates of EO, RO and Accessor to present their...

Final Result of Executive Officer IV Revenue Officer & Tax Assessor

Seniority list of RI (7471)_11.09.2013

Sample Estimate Type A and Type B Vivah Sthal

Road Repair (11241-11424)_04.09.2013

Vacancy for the post of Health Officer Advertisement_23.08.2013

Transfer List of Executive Officer (7290)_31.08.2013

NIT for various works under various schemes (10722)_30.08.2013

EO, RO and Tax Assessor Interview Latter

Urgent - Vivaah Sthal in All Municipalities(413-825)_21.08.2013

Result of Executive Officer IV Revenue Officer & Tax Assessor

DPC List J.En. and A.En. (7042)_14.08.2013

First Priority of Manual Scavengers for Recruitment of Safai Karmchari (91-280)_23.07.2013

RMS Transfer (6506)_18.07.2013

RMS Transfer (6270)_18.07.2013

RMS Transfer_18.07.2013

RMS Transfer_18.07.2013

RMS Transfer_15.07.2013

NIT For proposals (RFPs) for SWM for jaipur kota udaipur ajmer and bikaner

Corrigendum of NIT Gangapur (3036)_17.06.2013

Service Level Benchmarking Gazette Notification 2013-14

NIT Gangapurcity (2328)_30.05.2013

ISWM Prebid Addendum (6497-6506)_28.05.2013

IHSDP NIT (1799)_21.05.2013

Format for Chief Executive Officer, Commissioner, Executive Officer posted on dated 03.08.2011 (5459-64)_20.05.2013

Document for RFP_ ISWM

RFP ISWM - NIT (6878)_01.05.2013

Leave Senction of EO's (RMS-DLB-13-5123)_03.05.2013

Requst for propasal for preparation DPR of sewerage and Drainage 2

Requst for propasal for preparation DPR of sewerage and Drainage 1

Workshop on Prashasan Shehron ke Sang Abhiyan 2012-13 held at IGPRS Jaipur_17.04.2013

Cader Strength of new post in ULB (DLB-12-4642)_28.03.2013

The Rajasthan Municipal Officer Association Voter List 01-03-2013

Tender Document for KOTA RFP PACKAGE I S&T VOL I 24-02-2013

Tender Document for KOTA RFP PACKAGE 2 VOL II DCA P&D 20-02-2013

Tender Document for KOTA RFP PACKAGE 1 S T VOL 11 DCA 1-24-2-13

Tender Document for KOTA PACKAGE 2 VOLUME 1 ITB-24.2.2013

Corrigendum-1 Notice Inviting Request for Proposal (RFP)

Cedar Strength of J.En. in ULBs (DLB-13-2058)_18.02.2013

Regarding Seniority List of A.En. (Civil)_18.02.2013

Tender for Community Organizers for Swarna Jayanti Shahri Rojgar Yojna

Rajasthan Municipal Accounting reform project Orders and Tender Document-final darft.............

Download Circulars, Orders, Abhiyan Nirdeshika and Other Documents Related to Prashasan Shahron Ke Sang Abhiyan 2012 From IEC Zone and Download Section

Notice for the V.C. on PSKS-2012 on 08.12.12

Reporting Format SLB

NEW Service Level Benchmarking Questionnaire 2012-13

Guideline of Prashasan Shahron ke Sang Abhiyan- 2012

CMAR News Letter issue XII-XIII June 2012

Format of property register...

Service Level Benchmarking Gazette Notification 2011-12

District wise List of Phone Numbers of Municipal Chairpersons

Award to Hon'ble Minister Shri Shanti Dhariwal for Excellence in JNNURM

Workshop on Construction Project Management

17th Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

Recent press releases

CMAR with PRIA hosted exposure visit of Delegation from Bangladesh

Meeting on Computerization of All the ULB's of Rajasthan Held at DLB, Jaipur

Euro India Summit

Meeting on Conservation of Lakes of Rajasthan held at DLB, Jaipur

Workshop on Prashasan Sharon ke Sang Abhiyan- 2011 held at Jaipur

Workshop on Street Vendor Policy held at DLB, Jaipur

Welcome to City Managers' Association Rajasthan and New website of CMAR has been launched on 2 Feb 2011

Dear City managers...

The role of urban local bodies is pivotal in the urban development with a vast and extensive responsibility.
Strengthening the urban local bodies would facilitate in providing a quality urban life. The Government of Rajasthan is wholeheartedly committed for a better and well managed Urban Sector in the State. The State will like to all City Managers to extend their coorperation for betterment of the urban life..

Hon’ble Minister, UDH & LSG
Govt. of Rajasthan
Our Activities
  • Networking with ULBs of Rajasthan
  • Information dissemination to ULBs of Rajasthan
  • Best Practice Documentation
  • Urban Indicators Performance and Measurement Programm (UIPM)
  • Publication of quarterly Newsletter
  • Organizing Workshops/ Seminars according to the need of Rajasthan ULBs
  • Technical Resource Center (TRC)